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MyT 1.2.0 - Paolo - 01-15-2015

MyT Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of new version of our project management software:

MyT 1.2.0

This new release adds hierarchical tasks, a new charge view by user, improves general system stability and fixes some bugs found, all users are encouraged to upgrade.

Here is the changelog:
  • [New] hierarchical tasks
  • [New] New view: charge by user
  • [Improvement] Configurable task id length
  • [Improvement] Non active / non rolled on users are now not shown in charges
  • [Improvement] Reset Search
  • Some minor bugs fixed
Full Download: here
New Installation Guide: here

How to upgrade your current installation:

  1. Backup your files
  2. Dowload & Extract the "" package
  3. Upload & Replace by following the directory strucuture
  4. Point your browser to yoursite.ext/index.php?r=update
  5. Follow the wizard

We would also thanks all users that are using MyT!

You can discuss this announcement here

Best Regards,
MyT Team