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Resolved cannot delete project in new 1.5.0 install
Hi, I'm still fooling around with 1.5.0 and am now wondering why I cannot delete a project. Logging in as administrator and deleting a new project does not produce an error, but also the project is not deleted. This forum thread seems to imply that this behavior was expected to be fixed in this or an earlier release.

My personal preference would be for deleting a project to also remove all child tasks, time records, etc. from the database, as though the project had never been created in the first place (perhaps replacing the project in any existing time records with some built-in "no-project-assigned" project, so that total work hours reported by users do not change). However, as a workaround I would be OK with simply not allowing projects to be deleted, and only supporting "closing" a project or making it "inactive". However, this would not be preferred because it would be misleading. A closed project should be a valid project for which it has been decided that further effort will not be extended - either the project has been completed, or was terminated prematurely. "Closed" projects should still be included in reports, but essentially "read-only" with no changes allowed, and referencing as a parent project for a new sub-project not allowed. Further, all sub-projects should have to be closed before the parent project can be closed. As described in the previously mentioned thread, it would be convenient to hide closed projects in certain circumstances where action would not be allowed due to the project being closed (such as selecting as a parent project when creating a new project), and it may also be convenient to support filtering closed projects from a project listing such as with a checkbox. 

Fwiw, I also noticed some confusing behavior in the Projects >> All Projects listing (logged in as Admin), which I'm including should it be related (I can create a separate post if you wish). When first accessing Projects >> All Projects (as administrator), only the new project I created is listed (the project I can't seem to delete).  


But if I click the red "X" in the title row of the project listing, then several pre-defined admin projects are also shown.


Is this expected behavior? If so, perhaps the "X" icon should be changed to something more intuitive, or at least include a tool tip to describe the function.
Dale Scott
Transparency with Trust
Hi Dale,
Regarding the issue that cannot be deleted I can confirm that is a bug and will be fixed in our next release.
Currenlty we only provide a "soft delete" ( logical record deleting, Project status will be updated to "Deleted" ).

Anyway thank you for your suggestions, I think we will work on it, basically I agree that a project cannot be marked as "Deleted" if has open or pending child projects or tasks.

About the "X" red icon, this is a sort of remove filters ( by default "Charge Item" projects are filtered ) the behavior is correct, but we agree on this too, will provide a more intuitve icon on next release.
OK, the behavior makes sense now. I see how the filter row works. Perhaps it would be clearer if there was a stronger visual differentiation between the filter row and the data grid. Or maybe it's just something that has to be learned.

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