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Resolved bug report - error 500 adding user avatar in new 1.5.0 install
Hi, I had originally installed 1.4.2, encountered problems (see forum post), then dropped the database and started over with a clean MyT 1.5.0 install. I still get an Error 500 when attempting to add an avatar to a new user profile.

After setup, I logged in to MyT as the admin user and created a new "normal" user for me to use on daily basis. I then tried to add an avatar to the new account (still logged in as the admin user), and got the same error I reported previously.


Which now appears to cause an error listing users, and presumably doing much else.


The system is a 512MB FreeBSD 10.3 vps droplet on DigitalOcean. I'm using apache 2.4 with mod_php5 and mod_rewrite, and use an apache virtual server to serve MyT using a sub-domain (e.g. I had to change "path" to "get" in protected/config/main.php in order for MyT to work (as advised in forum thread), which I would eventually like to solve but is ok for now so long as MyT operation isn't affected. 
Dale Scott
Transparency with Trust
Hi Dale,
Thank you for your report, this isn't a bug but it seems that there is the avatar path not correctly configured in Admin section.

Try to log-in with your administrator account -> Config -> System -> Appllication -> Avatar
Then change your avatar path from "/images/user/" to "images/user/" ( just remove the first slash ).

The error in listing users appears since the system cannot found the avatar for that user, try to upload again the avatar for that user after changing the path ( you can do it directly via URL : )

Anyway I've fixed on our repository the avatar behavior to prevent this kind of errors ( error on users listing ) and will be available in the next release.

Thanks Paolo, removing the slash solved the problem and I was able to upload an avatar :-)

I have several more questions, I will post them separately for clarity in the forum.
Dale Scott
Transparency with Trust

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