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Resolved "Error 500 Trying to get property of non-object" after changing user roles
Clean v1.5.0 install. As Admin, I created a day-to-day user for myself. Later, also as Admin, I added all roles to my day-to-day user and received error "Error 500 Trying to get property of non-object". See screenshot [url=][/url]

The database seems ok (screenshot, but I'd like to be confident there isn't some subtle problem that I just haven't noticed yet.

Btw, do you prefer linking screenshots or uploading as attachments?
Dale Scott
Transparency with Trust
Workaround - the error was related to the user avatar. I noticed the avatar photo was no longer shown for my day-to-day user (the avatar file still existed in the images/user/ directory). I edited my profile and added an avatar photo again (and then deleted the original file). All seems ok now. I don't recall doing anything other than changing the user roles, but you can attribute this to user error for now.
Dale Scott
Transparency with Trust
Hi Dale,
I've reproduced the issue that after user editing ( for example adding roles ) the avatar disappears, will be fixed with the next package
I cannot reproduce the Error 500, can you please try to reproduce it again, and send me the steps to reproduce it ?

( if possibile please upload screenshots as attachments, but anyway isn't a problem )

Thanks Paolo. If I can reproduce the Error 500 I will send more information (I believe the Error 500 was caused by trying to render the "missing" avatar image, but that's only speculation).
Dale Scott
Transparency with Trust

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