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Release MyT 1.4.0
MyT Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of new version of our project management software:

MyT 1.4.0

This new release adds SQLite Support and much more! also improves general system stability and fixes some bugs found, all users are encouraged to upgrade.

Here is the complete changelog:
  • [New] SQLite Support
  • [New] Add User association shortcut on Project
  • [New] Added Task field on export charge
  • [New] Swiftmail upgraded to 5.4.1
  • [New] Added French (Canada) Translation ( thanks to dboisvert - )
  • [New] Added Spanish Translation ( thanks to perci.escobar )
  • [Bug] Fixed Menu Bug on Firefox
  • [Bug] Database Export problem on some MySQL configuration
  • [Bug] Date Picker Issue
  • [Bug] Task owners are not filtered by RollOff Date
  • [Bug] SMTP mail problem on PHP >= 5.5
  • [Bug] Charge Items (holiday, course etc) are not chargeable by default
  • [Bug] Attachments fields not populated on new installation
Full Download: here
New Installation Guide: here

How to upgrade your current installation:

  1. Backup your files
  2. Dowload & Extract the "" package
  3. Upload & Replace by following the directory structure
  4. Point your browser to yoursite.ext/index.php?r=update
  5. Follow the wizard

We would like to give a big thank you to dboisvert & perci.escobar for their translations!

You can discuss this announcement here

Best Regards,
MyT Team

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