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Need to help in Installation
Dear all .
I will installation Myt 1.3  

error message

Please fix the following input errors:
CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection.

how to fix ?
Hi saichon.chon,
It looks like that the application cannot connect to your MySQL database.
Do you have a MySQL ? Have you entered correctly: database host, database name, and user & password?
Yes .I have use mySQL but I try entered database host, database name, and user & password it correct .

This is show message error .
Ok can we do a test connection?

upload the attached file to the same webroot ( www directory ) of myt and point your browser to : yoursite.ext/testmysql.php

Before upload the file change the following line of code with your credentials:
PHP Code:
$host 'localhost';

$dbuser 'root';
$dbpass '';
$dbname 'mytDB'

Let us know the result

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