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MyT current Features
Roles Management
This section has been designed for giving a System Administrator the chance to create any number of Roles. For each Role it is possible to define the set of action that can be executed. The User Administrator can assign one or more Roles to each User. For example, a User can create a Task if at least one of his Roles allow the Task creation action.

Tasks Management
MyT's strength point is the Tasks Management. Creating, modifying, assigning and deleting a Task are Role dependent actions. For each Task you can set a forecast for both start and end dates and you can fill the effective start and end dates when you take in charge the Task and when you complete it. You can either assign a Task to one or more Users or you can create more copies of the same Task ad assign each of them to a each User of a list in a single step. When you create a Task, you can use a rich text editor that provides you a way to insert lists, tables, links and images. You can also upload some Attachments for each Task.

Quote:You can create a hierarchical dependence between tasks through parent task field and you can see this dependence directly in the grid view, no limits on depth level

In MyT you have two storage options. The first one is to set a classical web server directory path to store any attachments, while the second option is to set a cloud account. At the moment you can set a unique cloud account: Mega. This service provides a free storage space of 50 GB, the best free cloud storage for now.

Users Management
Creating Users on MyT is very easy, just setting a username and a password is enough. Roles Management makes simpler to decide what a new User can or cannot do only by the right Roles association. For each User it is possible to set an Active Status or not, in which case he is not available in any dropdown list and cannot log in the application.

Charge Management
In MyT there is a section, named "Charges", where any Active User can compile his timecards. 
Each timecard shows a fortnight in a month and contains a grid where the User can set the number of hours spent for every Project/Task couple.
Every User can visualize and modify only his own timecards, but a User with a specific Administrative Role can see all the timecards of all Users whom it has at least one project in common with.

Projects Management

Email Notification
At the moment you can receive notification mail for two main events:
  • when it is assigned to a project
  • when it becomes the owner of a task

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