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display application version numbers
Is the application version (e.g. 1.5.1) displayed to the user anywhere? I installed 1.5.1 in a separate directory (by creating a copy of my 1.5.0 install directory and then copying the 1.5.1 files on top).  During the process I noticed that the MyT version (1.5.0 or 1.5.1) didn't seem to be displayed anywhere. Am I just being incredibly obtuse?

If it's not available, i think it should be added asap. To me, I think displaying the version of application software is a fundamental requirement. It's the only way users really know that something is different, or to identify the software version that has a certain behavior. Even if you're into continuous delivery, I still think you need to use version numbers, even if it's a date or commit number or something artificial. As a software publisher, it can be incredibly valuable to be able to look at a screenshot and know what software version produced it.

Fwiw, I don't feel any shame in wholeheartedly recommending MyT simply copy the spirit of WordPress UI, at least so far as updating and plugin management. The screens and segregation of function have been fine tuned over the years. Copying something good that already exists can be an enormous time save. 

Also, I wouldn't mind if the application name (in the browser title bar) could be set to "MyT - vx.y.z", perhaps generally by supporting embedding placeholders in the configured application name. Just a thought....
Dale Scott
Transparency with Trust
Hi dale,
Application version can be checked under: Config -> Check for Update.
This will show your current version and the latest version available.

About in showing the version publicly, I don't agreeon this, for security reason as an attacker may know easly if the site is affected from a vulnerability or not
Hi Paolo, thaty's good to hear. I hadn't seen this functionality because [Config >> Check for updates] isn't working on my system, and I assumed the functionality hadn't been completed yet. See

I can submit a bug report on this if you want (I was going to wait until after the current issue has been resolved).

I agree with only showing the software version to authenticated users. Sorry for my use of sloppy use of "public", which I meant to mean users in general (as opposed to administrators or developers), and users must be authenticated to be users. Sorry for misleading you.
Dale Scott
Transparency with Trust
P.S. Until "Config >> Check for updates" works on my system, is there a version string in the code somewhere to confirm the version of the codebase? (I encountered the "Prefix "PRJ" has already been taken" again when testing testing 1.5.1, and I wanted to confirm I had correctly copied the 1.5.1 release files on top of the 1.5.0 release files).
Dale Scott
Transparency with Trust

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