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bug report - error 500's after upgrading to 1.5.0
Hi, I installed 1.4.2 and then upgraded to 1.5.0 without doing anything other than initializing the database (if I remember correctly ;-) ).  There were no reported errors during upgrade, but I got an Error 500 when trying to add an avatar to a new user.


I also got an error 500 when creating a new project, and then tried unsuccessfully to delete the new project (no error but also wasn't deleted).


Fwiw, the system is a 512MB FreeBSD 10.3 vps droplet on DigitalOcean. I'm using apache 2.4 with mod_php5 and mod_rewrite, and use an apache virtual server to serve MyT using a sub-domain (e.g. Also, I had to change "path" to "get" in protected/config/main.php in order for MyT to work (as advised in forum thread). 

This is mostly FYI. I have since dropped the database and am re-installing MyT 1.5.0 from scratch. If anything unexpected happens I'll advise in a new thread.
Dale Scott
Transparency with Trust
Thank you for both scenarios Dale,

As already said on other thread, there is a wrong avatar path configuration

I will close this thread, we will continue on the other thread


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