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Cannot select task when adding time
I'm sure this must just be me, or you wouldn't have gotten to 1.5.0. I can't immediately tell what I might have done wrong though.

I created a two projects, with three tasks in one project and one task in the other. Both projects are set to be chargeable, but when I try to create a charge (Charges >> My Charges), I can select one of the projects I created in the Project column (or one of the default projects), but the drop-down for the tasks is empty.

Empty drop down screenshot

Tasks screenshot

I then noticed myt_task.chargeable_flag in the db. After I set this field to "1" for all tasks, they could be selected in the Charges >> My Charges grid. However, I did not notice a facility in the UI to set this flag. Am I missing something? Should this field be set automatically when a task is created? I don't believe there is any situation when you would not want a task to be chargeable.

For me, the only reason to create a task is because I want it chargeable. My understanding of "chargeable" means simply "charging time to a project" to have accurate project metrics. Charging time to a project does not necessarily mean that a client or employer will be periodically charged to reimburse the time. Do I make sense? Does MyT follow that paradigm? If not, can you please clarify the intended workflow (or please point me to existing docs if I have somehow missed this topic, and I humbly apologize for not searching better before writing Smile  ).

Final screenshot shows a task in the drop-down after setting the task flag manually in the db
Dale Scott
Transparency with Trust
Hi Dale,
There is a Chargable checkbox on tasks too ( same way as projects ) :


Currently, as you can see, we provide a Chargable flag on both projects and tasks to give maximun flexibility, as for example you want that your employees can charge time on specific project but you don't want the task detail, or otherwise, you have a more precise metrics that makes you want "charge" time that you exactly spent on single task.

In my company for example, we usually charge by project for the payments, but for project specific metrics, we need also to specify the hours spent on single task.

Tell me if you want to know more on this.

Duh! I apologise for the report. I should have investigate further before posting (I don't know how I missed the charges checkbox in the task edit form, it's right there now on my iPad). Thanks for the explanation, the behaviour is clear.

Do you have plans for user documentation? I like how Github's project wiki works better than what you get on Sourceforge, although I haven't used Sourceforge's as much as Github's.
Dale Scott
Transparency with Trust

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